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Microair Avionics is a manufacturer of aviation avionics and aircraft transponders, aircraft transceivers, aircraft encoders, aircraft VHF transponders. Microair Avionics Bundaberg Australia.

About Us

Who We Are

Microair Avionics is an exciting, technology based, Australian company developing, manufacturing and retailing sophisticated avionics products for domestic and worldwide markets.

All of Microair's products are designed and manufactured in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia.


Factory Photo
The Microair Factory in
Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia






The Beginning

Microair began making a small VHF Comm (M720) suited to gliders and ultralight / experimental aircraft.  This product's success was based on its small size and its great value for money. The combination of small size and low price was very successful.

Microair has always listened to its customers; its products are designed by pilots for pilots.  As a result, the M760 radio which followed the 720, incorporated many new features. Microair made the M760 even smaller than the 720, making it one of the smallest, cost effective VHF aircraft comms in the world.

Microair then developed the T2000 Transponder this is one of the smallest and lightest (600g / 21 oz) transponders in the world.  Despite this, the T2000 is also one of the least expensive Transponders available.

Like the M760, the T2000 is very power efficient.  It has very low power consumption, and still produces a nominal 200W!

The development of the T2000 Transponder then lead to the arrival of the T2000UAV version transponder.  Again it has a very low power consumption which promotes prolonged operation on battery.  The T2000UAV can receive ASCII commands which enables the UAV operator to comply with all ATC transponder situations as well as being able to be queried for the status of its operating parameters.

The Future

Today Microair sells 15+ different product lines.

A large market place for Microair is the kit designers, and the installation of our products becomes paramount in this area to ensure optimum results, we therefore offer wiring harnesses to suit all designs and will customise a harnesses to suit your requirements.

Microair has established strong links to the sports aviation sector.  We have come to know the needs of kit designers and amateur-built / experimental aircraft owners.

The TSO certification of the T2000 transponder has expanded Microair's customer base into the general aviation sector.  The features of small size, low price, and easy installation, have been a successful combination for Microair in the GA market.

Our Commitment

Microair remains committed to producing cost effective products.  We feel that with the technologies available today, the price of modern avionics should come down.  In some cases, Microair products are almost half the price of our competitor's product!

We listen to pilots, to understand their needs, and situation.  This feedback influences our designs for future products.   We mean it when we say "designed by pilots for pilots".

To offer excellent service at all times.  From customer relations to technical issues

We reinvest continually on product development, and research into new product although a small company, we understand the need to move forward with new technologies and to make these available to our customers at affordable prices.

This reinvestment will see exciting new products from Microair in the near future.



  • Microair will continue to be Australia’s leading avionics design and manufacturing company and a world class Electronics Manufacturer


  • To have our brand name MICROAIR synonymous  with high quality – cost effective products  - world wide


  • To provide service and support for our products
  • The expansion of our business to embrace a wide range of market interests
  • To maintain a committed to quality and excellence in all company activities
  • To supply customers with a complete concept-to- product service, to supply  products which meet identified market needs


  • To listen carefully to feedback on our products and services
  • To have a Quality System that embraces continuous improvement
  • To be responsive to customer requirements and market opportunities
  • Constantly identifying market needs and requirements both large and small