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Unmanned Aerial Systems

T2000UAV-L Transponder  (with either BNC or tnc connector)

The T2000UAV-L Mode 3A/C is a special version of the T2000 Transponder, designed for operation in unmanned aircraft.  This product is NOT TSO'd due to the OEM nature of the management software.  The "L" denotes light - 454g (16oz).

The T2000UAV -L can help you to open ATC controlled airspace for your product, by making the UAV visible to ATC controllers. The UAV operator will be able to enter an ID code given by ATC, into the T2000UAV-L, to make the UAV uniquely identifiable. Transponder capability will make your UAV visible to TCAS operators, which affords great safety for commercial aircraft operators. The transponder will reply to all mode A and mode C interrogations, and will accept barometric altitude Gray scale (Gillham Code) data.

The T2000UAV-L was designed for very low power consumption, which permits prolonged operation on battery. The T2000UAV-L can however still pulse out a 200W signal. At only 454g (16oz)  the T2000UAV-L does not eat up precious payload capacity, and its physical size and shape make is easy to install.

The T2000UAV-L can be supplied with either a standard BNC connector or standard TNC connector loaded on the rear face of the chassis.

The Tie Down strap can now be bought via our accessories section.

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