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Microair Avionics is a manufacturer of aviation avionics and aircraft transponders, aircraft transceivers, aircraft encoders, aircraft VHF transponders. Microair Avionics Bundaberg Australia.

Warranty Support

Warranty Support Policy

Download a printable version of the  Limited Warranty Statement 01R3.pdf    This statement is valid for any article purchased after the 1st March, 2009.

Download a printable version  of the Limited Warranty Statement prior to 010309.pdf   
This statement is valid for any article purchased before the 1st March, 2009.


Please contact us via email mailto:support@microair.com.au?subject=Service Request if you have any questions prior to returning you product.

For any issues please refer to our FAQ for further information.

Returning products to australia (international customers only)  - instructions & commercial invoice

Repair returns instructions T2000 01R4.pdf

Repair returns instructions M760 01R4.pdf


Customer Fault Sheet - to be used when returning goods to microair

Customer Fault T2000 Info Sheet 01R1.pdf

Customer Fault M760 Info Sheet 01R1.pdf


Interim Service Centre actions for return of repairs to microair

As of the 1st Jan 2014, Microair Service will no longer offer support for M760 rev M and earlier radios. The radios can be identified by having a serial number below 7400 or by reporting software V1 on power on. The last production of these radios finished in 2004.

This action is taken due to large scale obsolescence of service parts which now makes repair non-viable.

This in no way affects our support of M760 rev N and later radios and all other Microair product.


returning product to IPCO Avionic's - France

Customers can contact IPCO by email at instruments.precision@wanadoo.fr
or by phone at +33 546 90 39 30


ECI Tracking is available at the
Australian Post website.

ECI Tracking >>

Secure online payments for Microair product repairs can be made by completing the
Australian Post from.

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